Fallout Barrel Rain

A barrel rain in Fallout? Well, that's a barrel of fun...
Excuse the pun, but couldn't help it. So, wanna know how it's done? :)


How to Make a Barrel Rain in Fallout

Here's something fun you might want to try with your Fallout game. Just make sure to Save before doing this, so you can restore a Save without all the barrels because this cheat causes extreme lag. I'm not gonna lie to you; your Fallout might crash. Maybe it would be better to test it with a smaller number first.

fallout barrel rain

Fallout: Barrel Rain


To make a barrel rain in Fallout, type in the console (access it with “~”) the following:

player.placeatme 000000e (number)


Eg. player.placeatme 000000e 100 - To make it rain, use the MIRV. Again, remember to SAVE, there's a good chance your game will crash. Do not say we didn't warn you. Save your game before attempting this.


And that's all on how to make a barrel rain in Fallout. Enough for today, wastelanders; stay tuned for more Fallout Facts. Did you find this article interesting? Share it!

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