Fallout 3 Grass

Wondering how to add a lot of grass in Fallout 3? Stop! Here's what you need to do...

NOTE: this will work only on the PC, so if you're playing Fallout on a console, you're out of luck, sorry. These tweaks should also work for New Vegas, but I can't guarantee it.


How to Add A LOT of Grass in Fallout 3

Without any further blah blah, here is the simplest way to add a lot of grass in Fallout 3:

fallout 3 grass

How to add a lot of grass in Fallout 3

  1. 1. Go to C:/ partition (or where you installed Windows)
  2. 2. Enter the "Users" directory
  3. 3. Access your "Username" directory (e.g. Fawkes)
  4. 4. Enter Documents > My Games > Fallout3
  5. 5. Double click FALLOUT.INI and search for: iMinGrassSize=80 - you should find this value under the [Grass] section of that text document.

To *recap*, you'll need to edit FALLOUT.INI which can be found in your user directory. Here's mine:

c:\Users\Fawkes\Documents\My Games\Fallout3\

iMinGrassSize value controls the density of grass clumps in your game. Want more grass in Fallout 3? Lower this value like this: iMinGrassSize=40. You can even have 10 if you want, but be careful: even the 40 value will significantly reduce FPS outdoors; don't change it to 10 or your game might become unplayable! Also, if you're after a performance boost or just want less grass for whatever reason, raise iMinGrassSize to a value such as 150 to considerably thin out the grass in the wasteland.

Cool! Now I have a lot of grass, but... I want more! Here are two mods I use to make my Fallout look amazing. You'll have to be registered at Nexus (free) and have basic knowledge of mods though...

  1. 1. Flora Overhaul at Fallout3 - I recommend using the Dead Edition because it's more lore friendly. However, if you want to go all green, feel free to install the Forested Edition.

  2. 2. Midhrastic ENB for Fallout 3 - This little mod (lighting overhaul) will make your game look amazing. Watch the video below for a "live" demonstration. For New Vegas I recommend Overgrowth ENB . If you need help installing the ENB, watch this video.


And that's everything on how to add more grass in Fallout 3. Enough for today, wastelanders; stay tuned for more Fallout Facts. Did you find this article interesting? Share it!

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